The Company

A few words about us

Each of our pieces is made only once and in a limited number. You are therefore sure that your own couple is unique!

The company Dress 2 impress is owned by the renowned Dramino shoe designer Ioannis Giamouridis , who personally selects high quality and manufactured women’s leather shoes.

The products are mainly from countries such as Italy and Spain, known for their pioneering and quality in footwear, while also supporting Greek footwear companies.

All products of are 100% authentic. We cooperate exclusively with the official Greek delegations of each house and company and each of our products is accompanied by an authenticity card.

Their packaging is the original, original packaging of the manufacturers. Therefore, we guarantee the authenticity of every product you buy from our e-shop.

“No woman needs more than one pair of shoes. But when we talk about women and shoes, the word “needs” loses its meaning! “

In Dress 2 impress you also find the unique, handmade, collectible pieces of the shoe designer Ioannis Giamouridis . Each model is manufactured only once and in a limited number. You are therefore sure that your couple is unique!

They are designed to be comfortable and well-balanced, combining unique colors and designs. You can wear them everyday if you are just looking for a comfortable pair of high heels that will captivate the eyes.

Many of our customers avoided high heels until they met our shoes. Now wear only these!

“Wonderful, provocative, playful, feminine and handmade!”

Their secret is hidden in the triptych: design, quality materials and high specialization in handmade shoe making. Each pair is a small work of art that masterfully combines unique design and bold colors, elegance and sensuality, femininity and comfort. If one adds to these characteristics the insurmountable comfort and stability they offer, we understand why they resonate with all women since they can be worn and stand out at their social events, in the office, at night outs.

Note that each design is produced in a total of 6 pairs for the whole world (1 per number) thus making each pair a collectible!

IOANNIS GIAMOURIDIS Handmade Shoes so in high heels, ie “Or as it should be”
Enjoy them!